Safety Tips for Using Internet Banking

Safety Tips for Using Internet Banking
Safety Tips for Using Internet Banking

Internet banking has become very important part of our lives. Because of increasing use of internet banking crime related to it’s increasing. However, there are some simple safety tips you can keep it mind when using internet banking.

Avoid sign in for internet banking through e-mailers

The e-mailer can be used as a phishing mail mainly trying to steal your username or password or any other confidential information related to your banking account Most of the e-mailers similarly look like actual bank mailers and when you visit a website the website also similarly look like an actual bank website. So avoid signing in using e-mailers link.

Always pay attention on url for https that is in a http

Always check the url link, the URL of the particular website, whichever you are login. Check that it starts with ‘https’, because ‘s’ being the key security layer here. This gives assurance to that you are logging your net banking account into an encrypted website.

Don’t use internet banking in public WiFi network

Never access internet banking over unprotected or shared WiFi on both smartphone and computer. If you are making payment using credit or debit card strictly avoid using any public WiFi network. Using public WiFi network can lead to hacking or others cyber attacks.

Change your account password regularly

Simplest tips is changing your account password regularly. Keep it in mind that it should be strong password. To make it strong mix lower upper case or with letter or number and also add special characters. Don’t use your name your birthday date your contact number which can easily identify if someone is really near you. Main thing never keep same password for all accounts.

Never forget to log out your account once payment is done

Always keep in mind to log out your account once the transaction is done. It’s save your account from hacking attack like cross-site scripting and session hijacking. It’s also good to clear browser cache after that transaction.

Never use public or shared computers to access your account

Another things to remember don’t ever use internet banking on public or shared computers. They can have malware which can steal your information also there is risk of keystrock logging software like keylogger which saves your every press of keyboard.

Always see for padlock near url

Always see for padlock icon at the right corer of webpage url during transaction. A padlock or closed lock means that the website is secure.



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