How To Use Google Maps ?


Today I’m gonna show you how to use google maps

To reach place you want. Nowadays people still asking the way where they want to go. I really feel sad about them because they are looking well educated and still asking way even Google Maps is there to help them. So if they don’t know what is Google Maps. I’m gonna show them how to use Google Maps.

1.First find the Google Maps icon in your phone.

1. Google Map

2. Open the Google Maps. After opening Google Maps below screen will open.

2. Google Map
Black circle icon is used to show the current location of yours.
Red circle icon is used to show directions when fill start destination to end destination.
3. After clicking black circle icon it will shows your current location with blue dot with name of that landmark, building or hotel whatever it is. For example I clicked on it it showing my current location with name Floral Deck Plaza which is building name.
3. Google Map

4. Let consider you want to go somewhere nearby you. Put the area name or whatever it is in Search here box. After hitting search it will show in map with red location pointer with the name. For example I searched Chetna college in search box. It’s showing with red pointer with proper name of college

4. Google Map

5. Now you want to see the directions from your location to destination location. Just click the car icon on the map. Then it will shows you all possible routes to you destination location. In above example there are 3 possible routes showing you can select any you want with respect to time or traffic. On top of the map there are 4 options, the first one is with car icon that is showing travelling with car which take 26 min for that particular route which you selected,  second is your public transport route in your city. It will shows you which bus number you can take to reach there. The third one is walking men icon. It describe the walking time to destination location and last one is Taxi-Cab timing and there prices etc.

5. Google Map
6.Bottom left of the map you can see there is up arrow icon with start. Once you click the start your nevigation that means you journey will start to your destination.
6. Google Map

7. Above all examples are shown by selecting your current location. Now you want to just see the direction between two different places other than your current location. Just change the location in search box which is in top of the map. For example, I changed my current location to the bandra station (east) then it’s showing distance and direction between the chetna college to bandra station (east). If you see in map there is some dotted way. It’s indicated the walking way to the destination

7. Google Map

Thanks, Hope it helps.

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