How To Save Your Phone From Water Damage?

How To Save Your Phone From Water Damage

How to save your smartphone when it dropped into the water?.

First of all don’t be panic that time. If you do some tips so you can prevent your smartphone from water damage.


If your smartphone is dropped into water.

Don’t try to turn it on.
Don’t press any keys or any button.
Don’t shake your phone or tap on the phone.
Smartphones are comes with the Liquid damage indicator i.e (LDI), could void your warranty of smartphone but you can avoid it by opening your phone. Only open your smartphone if it necessary and you have at least some knowledge about it.
Don’t blow on phone. This will spread the water drops into the internals part of the phone. This cause more damage to parts.

Most of the people thinks heating up phone can save it from water damage.

It will cause more damage to the some parts because of difference of temperature. So don’t heat it up by anyway.


Switch of the phone if it’s not off and hold the phone upright.
Remove the back panel , sim card and memory card from the slot.
If water are more into the parts of the phone, so you can use the vacuum to suck out the water drops which is stuck in internal parts of the phone. Keep attention and be sure of that you removed sim card, SD card and battery from their slots when you trying this.
Bury your phone in pack of uncooked rice. The rice is very good for absorbing water. You can also buy Phone drying packets.
Let keep your phone as it is for one day or two day.
After few day you can use your phone, insert the battery and switch the phone on.
In case if your phone does not switch on, keep your phone on charging. If it still not switching on your phone there may be damage of battery so try switching on by replacing battery.
If still not start so you can go to repair shops of smartphones and check it by professional.
After switching on phone try playing music to check speaker, take some snaps to check camera is working or not etc.
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